Welcome to the new European “normality”.

So … you may have heard that in Europe, in countries like Spain and Belgium the curfew has ended and that we have returned to “normality”. But … what does it really mean to get back to normal?

Let’s talk about what happened this weekend.

It was a Saturday like any other … well, no exactly.

Let’s start again.

It was not a Saturday like any other, it was a sunny spring day. The days before had been cloudy mornings and hot afternoons. But this Saturday the heat of the sun began to be noticed very early.

And what is…

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We are looking for modern life millionaires stories. We, millennials are now changing the way we pursuit our financial freedom, there are cryptocurrencies investments, building our own apps, selling our own products, becoming entrepreneurs… there’s also the F.I.R.E. movement, or the BARISTA F.I.R.E. movement, and we’re still finding out new ways to be financially free, we haven’t cracked the code yet…but we’re going to find out and take you a long with us!

In this Publication we want to focus on Money and Criptocurrencies. Money impacts our lives every day in every way. Whether it be the anxiety caused by…

Everything we know [so far] about the new Apple Watch that will be launched this coming September.

This coming September the Cupertino company will present the new Apple Watch. What will be the seventh generation of the company’s watch will come, as far as we know, with some very interesting news.

We expect Apple to introduce one to two watches this fall. First of all, we take for granted the arrival of the new Apple Watch Series 7, the renewal of the current generation. What we have less clear is whether Apple will also present renewal of the Apple Watch SE or this will be placed in a cycle of biannual renewals.

Currently, Apple sells three Apple…

You are only 3 steps away from turning your idea into reality.

Hello Entrepreneurs! This article is the last chapter that will hopefully take you on a journey from budding to fully-fledged entrepreneur. To fully benefit from the course I recommend trying out the “assignments” that are provided in some of the chapters. You can find the second part here and the first part here.

If you made it this far, congratulations! You are one step away from truly becoming an entrepreneur. Not everyone has the strength, or the commitment to get here, it is a long and hard road, but if you have reached this last step, feel very proud of…

It’s called Snapchat dysmorphia. The stress of social media can lead people to undergo dangerous cosmetic operations to look like their selfie filters.

The era of social media has brought many good things into our lives. We can be connected to friends and family located on the other side of the world, even reconnecting with them when we thought it was lost. It is possible to publicize exciting projects that we would hardly have been able to spread a few years ago. There are even people who have found their dream job thanks to them. But they also have a negative side.

For example, through them, we are continuously exposed to all kinds of hoaxes and negative news, which often affect our mental…

“Your stories stand out. $500 for you, from members”.

These days you’ll probably read a lot of stories about an e-mail that the top 1% of the best writers of this community received in our inboxes. Therefore, this story is not about that content [I’ll share with you a screenshot about it at the bottom of this article in case you want to know what am I talking about]. Instead, this is thank you letter for you.

Hi, JuanSC * here,

I just wanna say thank you to all the readers, and members of our community. Without you, it wouldn’t be possible, mates! For real. …

Becoming aware of what you’re thinking about is one of the best practices for managing your attention.

If you’re like me then you’ll have a difficult time focusing sometimes. It feels like there’s always something that interrupts you whenever you try to do your work and it’s incredibly hard to just finish one task from start to finish without constantly reaching for your phone, changing tabs in your internet browser or looking up and having random thoughts.

During the day we do hundreds of things, although some of them aren’t even noticeable, some of them are in our subconscious as we act on them using a kind of autopilot mode. …

I was watching Netflix’s Original Documentary, Down To Earth with Zack Efron. And I was really surprised by the focus that he approached on so many concepts. Zack traveled around the world, before Covid-19’s pandemic, and he reflected on many sustainable alternatives for the planet with well-being expert Darin Olien.

I’m gonna talk about one specific country that I liked the most in this documentary. And it’s Iceland. Have you ever wondered how Iceland has managed to be one of the most sustainable countries in the world? Did you know that before that it was also an oil-dependent country? …

Both Epic and Apple have released their legal arguments and opening speeches before the judge

Yesterday began the Epic Games trial against Apple and its App Store. We are facing a highly anticipated face-to-face between two great companies in their respective fields. Both Epic and Apple have released their legal arguments and opening speeches before the judge. So we can take a look at them and see where each contender’s legal strategy is going.

The arguments of Apple and the App Store

Apple’s arguments against Epic Games start with a slide from Steve Jobs. In it, you can read a phrase from the founder of Apple assuring that with the App Store they intend to do two diametrically opposite things: create an open…

A publication about environment, privacy & social change.

We want to make a social change! We, millennials and Z generation, are now stuck in a place of unfulfillment and confusion. Like most people of our age, we are not sure what our future will be. There’s a lot of problems that need to be fixed, and we want to make people conscious of them. We are at a point where many decisions must be made wisely. But to make the right decisions we must first do research and be informed. …

JuanSC *

Human; Engineer. I write about the environment, tech, privacy, self improvement, cryptos, money & social change. IG: @thejuansc

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